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Stray Kids - 生: IN LIFE - Repackage Album Vol. 1 (Limited Edition) - B-WARE (please read the description)

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Stray Kids - 生: IN LIFE - Repackaged Album Vol. 1 (Limited Edition) - B-WARE


  • very rare album from the limited edition edition
  • without photo cards, as these are offered for you to choose yourself
  • B-stock: slight damage in the form of 2 torn corners in the case and possibly other very small scratches

Scope of delivery :

  • 1 package box
  • 1 photo book (72 pages)
  • 1 CD
  • 1 Door Hanger (only for Limited Edition)
  • 1 (random) panoramic poster (only for limited edition)

Exchanges are not possible for this item.

Minor scratches that may occur during the production of the Photo Card do not entitle the item to be returned or exchanged.